Product - Warranty 40K
One of the fastest-growing vehicle segments, urban utility vans require tires to carry heavy loads at high centers of gravity. The CV400 is made to handle these loads and deliver confident performance.
Wet Traction
Quiet Ride
Street Performance

Two Solid Center Ribs

Provides for excellent directional stability and smooth cornering.

Three Center Channels

Improve traction and braking in wet conditions working with channels in the shoulder blocks to keep the contact patch dry.

Interlocking Chevron Pattern

Provides for a stable on-road feel with natural water evacuation abilities to keep a dry contact patch.

Siping in Every Tread Block

Provides extra biting edges for confident all-weather performance.

Broad Shoulder Blocks

Work with deep sipes provides stable handling especially for high-capacity vehicles with heavy loads.

Complimentary Beveled Edges

Featured on the main tread blocks as well as connecting blocks help keep road noise to a minimum.

Average Tire RATINGS 4.2/5

Simple Tire Customer
Priority Tire
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