Atturo     [ah • tur • row] 


1. Tires built for Mavericks, Adventurers, Racers, Workers, and Doers who can't be slowed down by poorly constructed or overpriced tires. 


From our humble beginnings in 2009, with one tread pattern in a handful of niche sizes, Founder and President Michael Mathis (who remains at the reigns today) believed Atturo filled a unique and needed void in the market. Modern drivers were (and still are) looking for tires to fulfill the needs of their busy modern lives, wherever that life takes them. On top of that, no one wants to take out a second mortgage to buy a new set of tires or buy from a brand they can't pronounce, has no warranty, or even any domestic support. Atturo focuses on making high-quality, badass tires for today's modern SUV, Light Truck, SxS, Performance, and Electrified vehicle owners that are accessible to all, continually committing to provide Performance Within Reach. Atturo is the answer for drivers seeking reliability, value, and performance, from everyday drivers to high-performance and off-road adventure seekers.

But let's take a step back; 2009 was over 15 years ago; what has Atturo been doing since then? A LOT! While 15 years may not seem like a long time, Atturo has always taken pride in being agile and rapidly innovating. This is all made possible by a rockstar team worldwide who, combined, have over a century of experience in the tire industry at every level. When we say we understand the unique needs of distributors, dealers, and even customers, trust us, we do...because we've been there before! 

Back to us, though...for those of you who might be new here...WELCOME! We're happy to have you, but let's get you up to date with what we've been up to:

2009 – Atturo is founded with the introduction of the AZ800, a directional, summer, high-performance tire.

2010 - Atturo enters the Puerto Rican, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Brazil markets.

2011 - Atturo expands to 20+ countries worldwide.

2012 - The Trail Blade off-road series is born with the Trail Blade M/T.

2013 - The Trail Blade series expands with the Trail Blade A/T, and Atturo attends its first SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV.

2014 -  The AZ850 and Trail Blade X/T launch at The SEMA Show. The Trail Blade X/T wins a SEMA Global Media Award for its innovative hybrid design.

2015 - The AZ850 line expands to RFT Offerings, The Trail Blade BOSS, our most aggressive off-road tire to date launches, and Atturo Tires win the Crandon Pro Lite World Championship.

2016 - The Trail Blade BOSS wins a SEMA Global Media Award, and Mercedes crosses the UK on the Trail Blade M/T.

2017 - Atturo’s first snow tire, the AW730, launches, in addition to our touring tire, the AZ610, and the CV400 for commercial vans.

2018 - The ST200 for trailers launches, and the Trail Blade BOSS is a class winner at the SCORE San Felipe 250.

2019 - The Trail Blade Sport Series, comprising the Trail Blade MTS and Trail Blade ATS, launches at The SEMA Show. The Trail Blade BOSS finishes Ultra4 King Of The Hammers with ZERO tire failures.

2020 - The AZ850 size range expands, and Atturo officially enters the Modern Muscle Car Market.

2021 - Atturo introduces the AZ850DR, our first drag racing product. We also expand our U.S.A. warehouse presence with new CA, TX, and PA distribution centers. Atturo is now distributed in 30+ countries worldwide.

2022 - Atturo enters the UTV market with the launch of the Trail Blade X/T SXS and Trail Blade BOSS SXS; the AZ850DR wins a SEMA Global Media Award (Atturo’s third if you’re counting).

2023 - The AZ series is expanded with the AZ600 and AZ810, Atturo’s first all-weather UHP offering. Atturo wins the 4800 Class Championship in Nor-Cal Rock Racing. Trail Hazard™ Protection for SXS tires launches.

2024 - STAY TUNED….We're just getting started!

So that's us! We can't wait to learn more about you, too (drop us a follow on social so we can). To this day, over 15 years since our inception, Atturo Tires remains 100% independently owned and operated, free from the restrictions of big corporate tire companies and their board rooms. Our mission? Yeah, that remains to provide performance within reach with badass, high-quality tires that don't make your pocketbook cry out for mercy. So, next time you're at your local tire dealer, Ask for Atturo, and let's hit the road, trail, or track together!