(LAS VEGAS, NV) – Atturo Tire has always been one to encourage their customers to ‘Go Their Own Way’ with their unique product offerings, both in sizing and styles. Today, Atturo Tire Corp. is excited to announce the expansion of their ‘Trail Blade’ series of off-road tires with sixteen new sizes across four of their most popular tread patterns. This expansion also includes offerings for 26” Rim Diameter tires, a first for Atturo.

The Trail Blade MTS or Mud Terrain Sport is getting five new sizes, three of which will be for 26” Wheels.


“When we announced the Trail Blade MTS at The SEMA Show in 2019, we intended to take our popular Trail Blade M/T Tire, elevate it a bit, and offer it in some more unique aftermarket sizes and fitments,” said Michael Mathis, President of Atturo Tire Corp. The SEMA star of this release is the massive LT385/30R26. This is the first tire with a 385mm section width to support the aftermarket looking for the ultimate stance. “This expansion continues our progression with the addition of not only 26” offerings but also the popular 37x12.5R17 which the Jeep and off-road community have heavily requested.  We heard you and the wait is over”.

The Trail Blade ATS or All Terrain Sport is getting the most new sizes out of any of the Trail Blade Tires this year with six new sizes ranging from 16” wheel sizes targeting the commercial van market, all the way up to 22” wheel sizes targeting large, lifted show trucks.


“The Trail Blade ATS was a popular tire amongst our customers from nearly day one when we announced it alongside the MTS at the 2019 SEMA Show. The feedback we received most was “more sizes, more sizes” Today we are delivering on that,” said Collin Mikottis, Brand Experience Specialist at Atturo Tire Corp. “This most recent size expansion has a little bit of something for everyone, whether you are building a camper van, going rock crawling, or winning at the truck show, we’ve added some sizes for everyone”.

The Trail Blade X/T is Atturo’s hybrid pattern and has been a staple in the Atturo Tire lineup since 2014.  Customers are attracted to its rugged off-road style and refined on-road manners packaged with a 45,000-mile warranty. The Trail Blade X/T is getting three new sizes which will be strong additions to the X/T lineup.


“One of our best sellers in the Atturo Lineup has always been the Trail Blade X/T, and that is no surprise given its looks, performance, and versatility both on and off-road,” said Joe Gomez, Marketing Manager for Atturo Tire Corp. “These sizes come from direct feedback we received from the community on what they wanted to see in the Trail Blade X/T, we think they are all going to be hot sellers, but we know there has been a strong appetite for the 37x12.5R17 and we are excited to finally bring it to market”.

The Trail Blade M/T is a tried and true classic when it comes to the Trail Blade Series and the Atturo lineup. It is a proven winner in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series and comes in a wide range of sizes for trucks and SUVs on the market today. Atturo is expanding that wide range of sizes today with two new popular sizes for 16” wheels.


“The Trail Blade M/T has been a very popular tire amongst Truck, SUV, and Off-Road Vehicle owners since its inception, and we’re excited to continue the expansion of that size range still today,” said Michael Mathis, President of Atturo Tire Corp. “These two new sizes will be a popular addition for truck owners who are looking for the strength, durability, and grip of a mud-terrain tire, but don’t want to commit to stepping up to larger wheel diameters”.

Atturo Tire expects the new sizes in the Trail Blade MTS, Trail Blade ATS, Trail Blade X/T, and Trail Blade M/T to roll out to their network of Distributors and Dealers with shipments starting by the end of the year.

About Atturo Tire
Established in 2009, Atturo Tire is a tire brand dedicated to the growing Light Truck (4x4), Jeep, SUV, Crossover, SxS, and Muscle Car segments of the market. Atturo designs and distributes stylishly aggressive tires built to fit the needs – both on and off-road – of drivers around the world who embrace the freedom of the active outdoor lifestyle. Committed to continuous improvement and innovation, Atturo is the only brand in the industry solely focused on delivering tires to support your daily adventure.
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