The Urban All Terrain TIRE

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The Trail Blade X/T is a new type of multi-terrain tire.

The Trail Blade X/T is a new type of multi-terrain tire. As another collaboration with Quartermaster Knives, the X/T cuts into the segment between traditional M/T and A/T tires. It offers the open shoulder and sidewall tread lugs of a mud terrain, combined with the off road ability of an all-terrain and the road feel of a highway tire. The design and variety of sizes brings a whole new look to SUV, Cross Overs and pickups as never before.

Trail Blade X/T Design Features:

• Available in both LT and Metric sizes for a variety of   


• All LT rated sizes feature a 3-Ply Sidewall for strength

  and durability both on- and off-road.

• Large shoulder blocks give excellent grip in loose sand

  and mud.

• Smaller center tread blocks maintain excellent on-road


• “Knife Blade” sidewall elements offer protection and


• Multiple sipes across the tread enhance traction in rain

  and snow.

• Designed in Texas by Quartermaster Knives.

• Rim guard provides protection against curb damage to


• The Atturo® Trail Blade® X/T is produced in Thailand.

Trail Blade X/T

The X/T offers the mean sidewall style of our popular Trail Blade® M/T combined with a tread designed for performance on the trail as well as on the road. Owners of all types of trucks have been searching for a tire which gives the aggressive look of a mud-terrain, but has more civilized on-road performance. The Trail Blade® X/T was designed with exactly this type of driver in mind. The size range offers expanded opportunity to apply the rugged look of the trail to a wide variety of vehicles roaming the urban landscape. With a design inspired by the blades of Quartermaster Knives, Atturo® remains on the “cutting edge” of urban all-terrain style!