Atturo announces the ST200 : 



Atturo Tire’s newest offering, the Atturo ST200 tire, is ST-rated for trailer use with a construction that’s designed for heavy loads carried at a higher center of gravity. Offering a variety of ply ratings and high-load index applications made for utility, recreational and work trailers, the ST200 features four channels to help with wet traction and a solid center rib for tracking the tow vehicle on the highway. The interlocking shoulder and inner tread blocks improve traction while also providing a quiet ride. The tire is rated for up to 75 mph.

ST200 Design Features :

  • ST = rated for trailer use.  The construction of the tire is designed for heavy loads carried at a higher center of gravity.

  • A variety of ply ratings and high load index applications made for utility, recreational and work trailers. * Four channels help with wet traction.

  • Solid center rib for tracking the tow vehicle on the highway. * Interlocking shoulder and inner tread blocks improve traction     while providing a quiet ride.

  • Speed rated for up to 75 MPH.

ST 200


Atturo recognized the steady growth in the trailer segment as people buy more boats, campers, motorcycles, ATVs, Side-by-Sides and other recreational items – as well as existing trailer use for construction, landscaping and commercial activities – so it designed the ST200 as a natural complement to the range of Atturo tires for Light Trucks and SUVs. Nearly all of these trailers are pulled by a vehicle that fits the target niche of Atturo’s AZ, CV and Trail Blade series tires.

Owners of these vehicles now have a trusted tire brand they can add to their trailer, creating another opportunity for dealers and distributors to capitalize on the Atturo brand for this valuable segment. 


ST2005060330611012ST200-1451210145R12 10PR95/90L54221.31475. 9  5035069015206001320
ST2005060330611029ST200-145128145R12 8PR88/83L54221.31475. 9  5035056012304871070
ST2005060330611036ST200-175136ST175/80R13 6PR91/87L61024.01776.95.04.5 - 5.57.0 97.2415.966545061513605451200
ST2005060330611043ST200-185138ST185/80R13 6PR94/89L62624.61847.26.04.5 - 6.07.0 97.6616.895035067014805801280
ST200  ST185/80R13 8PR99/95L62624.61847.26.04.5 - 6.07.0 9  6545077517106901520
ST2005060330611050ST200-205146ST205/75R14 6PR100/96L66426.12037.95.55.0 - 6.58.0 109.420.725035080017607101570
ST2005060330611067ST200-205148ST205/75R14 8PR105/101L66426.12037.95.55.0 - 6.58.0 1010.3822.886545092520408251820
ST2005060330611074ST200-215146ST215/75R14 6PR102/98L67826.72168.55.55.5 - 7.08.0 1010.1122.295035085018707501650
ST2005060330611081ST200-215148ST215/75R14 8PR108/103L                
ST2005060330611098ST200-205156ST205/75R15 6PR101/97L68927.12037.96.05.0 - 6.58.0 1010.2522.608055082518207301610
ST2005060330611104ST200-205158ST205/75R15 8PR107/102L68927.12037.95.55.0 - 6.58.0 1010.823.816545097521508501870
ST2005060330611111ST200-225158ST225/75R15 8PR113/108L71928.32238.86.06.0 - 7.08.0 1012.4427.43805501150254010002200
ST2005060330611128ST200-2251510ST225/75R15 10PR117/112L71928.32238.86.06.0 - 7.08.0 1013.1428.97805501285283011202470
ST2005060330611135ST200-2351610ST235/80R16 10PR124/120L78230.82359.36.56.0 - 7.58.0 1015.3433.82956601550352013603080
ST200  ST235/85R16 10PR125/122L80631.72359.36.56.0 - 7.58.0 1016.2335.78654501650364014503305
ST2005060330611142ST200-2351612ST235/85R16 12PR 129/125L80631.72359.36.56.0 - 7.59.5 1216.837.04805501850408016503640

145R12       10PR 95/90L

145R12         8PR 88/83L

175/80R13   6PR 91/87L

185/80R13   6PR 94/89L

205/75R14   6PR 100/96L

205/75R14   8PR 105/101L

215/75R14   6PR 102/98L

215/75R14   8PR 108/103L

205/75R15   6PR 101/97L

205/75R15   8PR 107/102L

225/75R15   8PR 113/108L

225/75R15 10PR 117/112L

235/80R16 10PR 124/120L

235/85R16 12PR 129/125L