The BOSS knife is the companion blade to the brand new Trail Blade BOSS.  This is a magnum size blade, to match the large format tire sizes.  This knife is the equivalent of pulling a 12-gauge shotgun out of your front pocket.  Like the tire, the knife is black.  At the tip, QTRMSTR used a grinding technique which gives the edge an “Appleseed” shape & arched spine.  This is perfect for heavy duty chopping. They added a g-10 lock bar stabilizer for rigidity and confidence during hard use. The Atturo version of the knife includes an exclusive rubberized hand grip.  The soft feel of the handle and recessed pattern will remind you of a tire – a it grips!  The 4.5″ blade has a flipper that doubles as a finger guard and the entire package folds up friendly into standard denim pockets. This is a limited edition of 500 pieces.  If you are lucky enough to obtain this tool, please only use it for good.  Try not to intimidate.