February 18, 2020 | News

Trail Blade BOSS Shines at King of the Hammers

For the second year in a row, Atturo has partnered with Ultra 4 racer Edwin Abd to tackle the intense off-road event known as King of the Hammers.  And for the second year in a row, Edwin completed the event without a single puncture.

Not.  A.  Single.  One.

It’s simply unheard of.  KOH is a tire eater.  A destroyer of vulnerable sidewalls.  And yet, the Atturo Trail Blade BOSS powered through some of the most rugged terrain on planet earth and conquered it unscathed.  

Our 3-ply sidewall construction and massive, knife-blade sidewall lugs offer the kind of protection unmatched by any other brand of tire on the market today.  And all the big boys were out there, believe us.

Edwin’s team is a small-budget, family-run operation that is an underdog among the giant, well-funded teams.  And despite that, Edwin finished a respectable 35th place in a field of 110 cars, of which 5 did not take the green flag.  Of the 105 cars that did start, 61 cars did not finish.  61 cars!!  That’s how tough King of the Hammers is.

Known as a “truck killer,” King of the Hammers features a course with a combination of high-speed desert runs and slow-speed rock crawling.  It is often the rock crawl section that breaks suspension, wheels and more often than not, tires.

However, Edwin’s car held together even through the rough spots.  And will full confidence in his Trail Blade BOSS tires, Edwin was able to attack both the high-speed desert sections and the low-speed crawl section with no worries.

Edwin tells us that after the race, many of the other teams have approached him to learn more about these amazing tires that seem to go on and on without any problems.  In a way, he wants to keep Atturo as his secret weapon.  But he knows that his competitors have already discovered that the Atturo Trail Blade BOSS performs like few tires can.

Edwin has several sponsors, including Mob Armor, who put together this awesome video of the 2020 event and an insight into the driver himself and his team. 

Check it out below & Subscribe to us on YouTube for more footage from the lakebed: