August 10, 2015 | News

TORC Dinsmore in Sturgis

Travis Dinsmore Race Recap:
We made the long haul to Sturgis hoping to walk away with podium finishes, but were defeated by the track. With an issue during qualifying, we qualified 7th and had to start back in the 4th row. Track conditions were less than favorable with almost no visibility. Made it difficult to work through the pack and just after the mandatory caution our truck was hit in the right rear by a truck coming back on the track causing a flat forcing us to finish the race on three wheels. Hoping to recover from Tuesday we started on the front row with high expectations. Heading into the second turn another truck ran into the back and forced us off the track hitting debris at the side of the track breaking the steering assist. Now at the back of the pack with no power steering we limped to the finish to salvage points. We maintained our overall points standing but lost valuable ground on the leaders. We are looking forward to the wide open track at bark river to stretch our legs and take two more wins.