January 9, 2015 | News

The Atturo XT – Arriving at Your Dealer Now!

“Designed in Texas, Built for the World”

The center tread area is optimized for highway comfort and reduced road noise, but still deep enough for trail use.

Each center tread block is linked at the base to ensure stability on road, and aid in clearing debris.

Gently sloped edges of the shoulder flow into the sidewall like a rolling hill. On the road, it soothes with peaceful and confident turn in, without the abrupt breakaway of a more upright shoulder style.

This line between the shoulder elements actually helps loosen compacted garbage from between the tread. No free riders!

The alternating shoulder blocks are the shaped like the handle of the QTRMSTR QTR3 knife. Not only do they look cool, the wide tread spacing delivers a sure grip when you run out of pavement.

The sleek and intimidating sidewall tread is the knife blade from the QTR3. (We put the same aggressive style on both sides of the tire – no sissy option available.)

For more information on the Atturo Trailblade XT please visit our website.

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