July 17, 2019 | News

SEMA Week Of Customs

2018 was the inaugural year for the SEMA High School Vehicle Build program.  Atturo was a proud supporter of Santa Fe ECO and their JK Wrangler build last year, so we were excited to help SEMA Education for a second year, by providing tires for four of their Jeep TJ Builds!

Atturo Provided a total of 4 sets of our Boss Tires to Comstock High School, R.L.  Turner High School, Santa Fe ECO, and Santa Ynez Valley Union High School.  We are proud and excited to support the future of the Aftermarket and Automotive industries by helping these students peruse their passions in the industry.  

Our Marketing Manager, Joe Gomez got a chance to visit the students at R.L Turner High School and see their build first hand:

We received a warm welcome from the students and staff at R.L. Turner High School. As we pulled up, we weren’t sure of where to go exactly, but then like magic, the garage door rolled open. As it raised slowly, we could see shoes, a vehicle lift, eager faces, and a Jeep hanging in the air. We knew we were in the right place. The students and instructor gave us a tour of their workshop, where every tool was in its place, floors were clean, and the fun projects laid there waiting for the students to operate on them.

Their instructor, Nicholas Yosten detailed the Automotive Technology program at R.L. Turner High School. The faculty and administration work hard to create a challenging atmosphere that will prepare students for a future in the automotive industry, but the influence goes beyond the hands-on work in the garage. Students are expected to successfully complete pre-work aimed to instill responsibility, punctuality and team building before starting the work in the garage.

Then it was time to see the Jeep. As the students walked us around it, they were showing us the work that had been completed and pointed out where they will be making some modifications to install the new parts.

We showed the students the custom Jeeps we brought with us and it was a really fun experience to swap shop stories between industry professionals and high school students. They were intrigued by the work we had done to our vehicles. They asked questions and we explained why we made certain choices.

We are excited to see the coming phases of the build process and hope they have as much fun as possible with all the hard work they are putting in.

All of the student-built Jeeps will be auctioned off this week as SEMA’s “Week of Customs”. Proceeds from the sale of these vehicles will be reinvested back into the SEMA program to fund the purchase of more vehicles to support another round of builds in the following school year—making this a self-sustaining program.


Find out more about the vehicle builds, and how to bid on them at https://pages.message.sema.org/student-builds