May 20, 2015 | News

Offroad Extreme Profiles Atturo’s Race Team

Our friends over at Offroad Extreme have profiled the Atturo Race team of Eric Hunter, Travis Dinsmore, and Cole Mamer as they tear up the track in the TORC and LOORS series…One tire company, Atturo Tires, is putting its stamp on the racing truck this year with outreach to up-and-coming competitors across the country. Three racers in particular–Cole Mamer, Eric Hunter, and Travis Dinsmore–are sporting Atturo rubber for the duration of their respective racing efforts. All will be running the same tire, the Blade M/T, named for its should and sidewall tread that mimics the BK-1 Wicked blade made by Mantis Knives. Made available in over a dozen tire sizes, enthusiasts can look forward to the same performance that helps these racers win will be riding on their light truck, Jeep, or SUV too.