December 2, 2014 | News

From Our World Premiere at SEMA 2014: The Atturo Trail Blade XT!

The innovative, new Atturo Trail Blade X/T offers rugged performance and amazing style in a new kind of all-terrain tire for owners of lifted vehicles and modified SUVs. Atturo now offers the aggressive sidewall style of our popular Trail Blade M/T combined with a tread designed for performance on the trail as well as on the road. Collaborating again with Jared West of Quartermaster Knives, Atturo remains on the “cutting edge” of all-terrain style!Designed in Texas and manufactured in Thailand, the Trail Blade X/T is offered in today’s popular original equipment and “lift up” sizes from 18” through 22” wheel diameters.• 3-Ply Sidewall provides strength and durability both on- and off-road.

• Large shoulder blocks give excellent grip in loose sand and mud.
• Smaller center tread blocks maintain excellent on-road manners.
• “Knife Blade” sidewall elements offer protection and style.
• Multiple sipes across the tread enhance traction in rain and snow.
• Designed in Texas for American roads and American swagger.
• Rim guard provides protection against curb damage to wheels.This is why the Atturo Trail Blade XT received the Global Media Award for best “Innovative New Product For The International Market” at this year’s SEMA Show.

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