September 14, 2016 | News

Dinsmore Racing Labor Day Weekend TORC Race Report from Crandon , WI

Travis Dinsmore and the Atturo Tires/ Sle-Co #43 Team headed to Crandon Wi. Labour Day weekend for the final round of TORC and the Red Bull World Cup.

The team knew they would be fast and during practice, the times showed that this truck would be hard to beat. Greg said “when we downloaded the lap times we knew the truck and Travis were ready, the difference between lap times did not vary by more than 3/10ths of a second on this long raceway”Qualifying came on Saturday morning and Travis was conservative qualifying in the #6 spot, this was good, it would put the truck in a spot for the land-rush start that would give Travis a straight run to #1 corner.

When the flag waved for round 13 Travis and the #43 shot out into the lead through corner one, every lap Travis hit his marks on this high-speed track and lead the field by the mandatory caution.

When the restart came Travis and the Atturo Tires #43 again jumped into the lead and finished 1st leading from flag to flag.

Sunday’s qualifying for the World Cup Race would see the #43 in the second spot for the start of the race. When the race started lack of traction through a mud hole slowed the acceleration and Travis come out of corner 1 in the 8th spot.

The next few laps showed the skill of the driver and the speed of the #43 rocket when on lap 3, Travis drove his truck into the 1st position, making clean passes in the corners and out-accelerating the other trucks with the grip he found from his Atturo tires. When the mandatory caution came Travis was ready.On the drop of the flag and once again the Sle-Co entry launched out into the lead and continued to hold off the other racers. With 2 laps remaining Travis came on the radio “the engine has started to make a different noise from the exhaust, something sounds wrong” with no smoke from the exhaust he was told to proceed and try to maintain the pace he was used to. With one lap left the radio silence broke again, “the engine has begun to pop through the carb and is laying down, it is getting lazy losing power badly.” 

As the lap proceeded Travis nursed the #43 Atturo Tire/Sle-Co Pro light to the finish in 2nd place, a broken Valve Spring had taken away the World Cup win.

Thanks to all our sponsors for a great year!