May 25, 2017 | News

Chicago Veterans Ruck March is Tomorrow!

Last year over 1,200 veterans, family members & supporters, laced up their boots and strapped on their backpacks to Ruck 22 Miles to honor and remember those we lost at home and on the battle field.

A new study released this year shows the number of veteran suicides have dropped from 22 to 20 veterans a day. What we and other organizations are doing collectively is making a difference. So on May 26th 2017, we will be hosting our 4th annual Ruck March but this year we are rucking 20 miles!

Together lets raise awareness of veteran suicide and help end this epidemic. If you’re as passionate about our cause as much as we are, we encourage you to create a fundraising page, volunteer for the event, sign up for the ruck march, or do all 3! This will be an amazing and emotional event we know you will be proud of. All of us at Atturo Tire are proud to be a sponsor of this event.

Visit Chicago Veterans to learn more about this great organization.