March 20, 2017 | News

Atturo Tires at The Unlimited Off Road Show and Expo in Dallas / Ft. Worth

We wanted to show you some of the great pics at this month’s Unlimited Off Road Expo in Dallas. Joe Gomez and Nate Fleming went down with Atturo-outfitted vehicles to talk with everybody about all things Atturo and off road.

We think they had a pretty good time!Here we are on the road down through Little Rock to hook up with our pals at Cypress Corners.  You’ve seen their new vehicle at SEMA, outfitted with Atturo Trail Blade M/T’s We hit the “Show Me” state, and showed ’em our Atturo Vehicle.

 Nate catches a little “me time” in the booth down in Dallas / Ft. Worth.  The armored vehicle he’s sitting in is outfitted with our Trail Blade BOSS tires.

 The Trail Blade M/T goes real well with….

This bad boy from BodyGuard Bumpers. 

Of course, on our trip we had to stop off and see the boys at Arch Street Wheel & Tire. 

The kids loved the Humvee. 

Outside, even though the skies were gray and cold, there were a lot of very colorful vehicles. 

 The BOSS!  It says so on the badge!

Pure white truck with sharp Trail Blade X/T’s. 

Nate just had to get a selfie with the BodyGuard Bumper Truck. 

Thanks again everyone who showed up! Great meeting you for the Lone Star edition of the Unlimited Off Road Show and Expo! 

See ya next year!

PS. You can see more information about these terrific showcase vehicles by visiting the blog here