February 28, 2022 | News


(JOHNSON VALLEY, CA) – Atturo Tire puts the new Trail Blade BOSS: Green Label to the test at the toughest single-day off-road race in the world, with zero tire failures on race day. This year was referred to by many as the toughest King of The Hammers ever, Featuring 52 Rock Trails, and 150 Miles of Desert.

Known for manufacturing top-quality off-road and high-performance tires and putting them to the test in real-world racing applications, Atturo has once again gone racing on the same tires available to consumers.

The Trail Blade BOSS: Green Label is the newest addition to Atturo’s lineup, which was recently unveiled at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis this past December. Now the Atturo Team has put it to the test tackling the ‘King of The Hammers’ Endurance Off-Road Race in Johnson Valley, CA. Known by many as the “Toughest Single Day Race in Off-Road”

Atturo Sponsored Ultra4 Driver, and West Coast Territory Sales Manager Edwin Abd piloted his Ultra4 4400 class buggy with a set of 4 pre-production Green Label Tires in the main event ‘Race of Kings’ race on February 5th. 

“During both practice and qualifying, I noticed an immediate difference in the New Green Label Tires vs the D.O.T. BOSS,” Said Abd “As soon as the tires began to slip, they quickly warmed up and gripped quickly, even on smooth slippery rock” He continued. 

Abd’s impression with the Green Label Compound continued come race day, “On Lap 2 on the ‘Wrecking Ball’ Trail, there is a waterfall I have never been able to drive up prior” Abd stated. “The only cars I had ever seen go up it without a winch line were comp. buggies, but never an Ultra4 Car…With the Green Labels, I was able to drive right up, without even having my co-driver get out and spot me”

Although Abd’s day came to an unfortunate end, being unable to complete the full race before Timing Out on Course Halfway through Lap 3, he did not have to change a single tire throughout Practice, Qualifying, and Race Day. This is a testament to the durability and strength of the Trail Blade BOSS and the new Green Label compound. 

Be on the lookout for Edwin Abd in his #4475 4400 class race buggy running in the Ultra4 Racing series and continuing to put the Trail Blade BOSS: Green Label to the test this race season

The Atturo Trail Blade BOSS: Green Label will be available in two sizes at launch specifically targeting Hardcore Off-Road Racers, Rock Crawlers, and the Extreme 4×4 owner. 


The Trail Blade BOSS: Green Label is expected to arrive at dealers in Q2 of this year. 

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