July 24, 2023 | News


Chuck Crossland takes home 1st in 4800, Edwin Abd takes home 2nd in 4400 in the Short Course Series Championship

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(WAUKEGAN, IL) – Atturo Tire continues to succeed in off-road racing, securing a class championship and second-place finish in the recently completed series. Off-road racers Chuck Crossland and Edwin Abd wrapped up their season in the 2023 Nor Cal Rock Racing series, billed as “The most extreme short course racing on the west coast,” taking 1st and 2nd in their classes in the series, respectively. Crossland also finished 1st in class at the final race of the season.

Crossland has raced on various tires for Atturo in his 2023 campaign. Starting by running this year’s King of The Hammers race on Atturo’s Trail Blade BOSS Tires. During this short course season, Crossland has used Atturo’s Trail Blade MTS and Trail Blade X/T on his 4800 class Ultra4 Truck in size 37×12.50R17. Crossland plans to take things even further by stepping up to the 40×13.50R17 Trail Blade BOSS: Green Label, Atturo’s most hardcore offering for his upcoming races in ‘Best In The Desert’ and ‘SCORE’, marking a return for the Atturo brand to both series.

“We had our sights set on winning a championship in 2023; after two years of working out all the bugs in the new car, we felt confident it was something we could achieve,” said Crossland. “This season, we finally got to play with some different tire packages and see what they could do for us; the Trail Blade MTS gave us great wet course traction and allowed us to turn the car better, while the Trail Blade X/T was great for dry conditions and straight-line stability,” he continued.

Abd, an official Atturo Sponsored driver since 2019, continues to showcase that even in the harshest conditions, Atturo Tires are up to the task of not only withstanding this terrain but thriving in it. Abd raced on Atturo’s 40×13.50R17 Trail Blade BOSS: Green Label Tires for the entire race series without a single tire failure. No punctures, rips, tears, nothing, all on the same tires that Atturo makes available to enthusiasts. Abd will compete next at the ‘Rage at the River’ race, followed by ‘King of The Hammers’ in 2024.

“It is great to continue working with Atturo in our 5th season together,” said Edwin Abd. “Being able to push these tires to the limit in some of the most intense terrain out there really proves that they are ready for basically anything you throw at them,” he continued. “It feels great to bring home a 2nd place finish in the Nor Cal series for 2023.”

“Atturo’s off-road tires have always been deeply rooted in racing, and we look at it in the development process of nearly every tire in our popular ‘Trail Blade’ lineup,” said Joe Gomez, Marketing Manager for Atturo Tire Corp. “It’s not enough to simply make good-looking tires; they HAVE to perform as well, especially in the off-road space,” Gomez continued. “That is why utilizing racing as a proving ground for our products is so important because if the same tires we sell through our global network of dealers can withstand what Chuck, Edwin, and the rest of our racers put them through, we are confident that they are ready to tackle whatever our customers throw at them.”

The Race-Proven Atturo Trail Blade family of tires is available now, with many popular sizes in stock and ready to ship! If you’re a dealer prepared to offer your customers the same tires that our racers race and win on, contact your Atturo Tire rep today. Consumers can find their local Authorized Atturo dealer at our website at Atturo.com/dealers.

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