July 31, 2023 | News


Atturo’s Full Lineup of Truck, SUV, Muscle Car, and Speciality Tires will Soon be Available At 36 Locations Throughout the Region.

July 31, 2023

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(WAUKEGAN, IL) – Atturo Tire Corp. continues to expand its ever-growing network of dealers throughout North America with the addition of 36 ‘Big O Tires’ franchise locations in the heart of the Midwest. All these locations will have access to Atturo’s entire catalog of tires filled with exciting and stylish tread patterns in various sizes, all at a competitive price point consumers have come to know and love.

“All of us at Atturo are excited to welcome these 36 Big O Tires locations into the growing network of Atturo Dealers not only in North America but around the globe,” said Karl Becker, Vice President of Sales and Operations, Atturo Tire Corp. “This partnership means Atturo customers throughout the Midwest will have easier access to our off-road, performance, and specialty tire options” Becker continued. “We look forward to continuing to grow with Big O Tires in the years to come because the team here at Atturo isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon,” he concluded.

“Atturo Tires has a great lineup of car, light truck, and SUV tires that will provide our customers with more options to fit their needs,” says Charlie Alexander, vice president of Big O Tires Operations for MFA Petroleum Company. “We are proud to bring the Atturo Tires brand to all 36 of our locations in the coming months.”

Atturo Tire inventory will arrive at Big O Tire locations throughout the Midwest over the next 60 days. All locations will have access to Atturo’s inventory in their strategically located warehouse locations around the country, giving unparalleled access to customers in the region.

About Atturo Tire
Established in 2009, Atturo Tire is a tire brand dedicated to the growing Light Truck (4×4), Jeep, SUV, Crossover, SXS, and Muscle Car market segments. Atturo designs and distributes stylishly aggressive tires built to fit the needs – both on and off-road – of drivers worldwide who embrace the freedom of the active outdoor lifestyle. Committed to continuous improvement and innovation, Atturo is the only private brand in the industry solely focused on delivering tires to support your daily adventure. Atturo Tires are offered through independent distributors and dealers globally.

About Big O Tires
The Big O Tires story begins back in 1962. The market for replacement tires was exploding, and independent tire dealers found themselves struggling to compete with major tire manufacturers’ own company stores. Luckily, Big O’s founding fathers, a handful of progressive independent tire dealers with a common belief that service matters, came together to form a tire-buying cooperative. In the following years, Big O Tires evolved into a full-fledged franchise as it continued to find innovative ways to benefit independent dealerships and their customers. And thus, The Team You Trust® was born.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Atturo Tires at [email protected] and visit us online at atturo.com.