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Atturo news

Mueller Motorsports Reports on the TORC Big House Brawl

Scott Mueller of Mueller Motorsports and driver of 31 in the Pro2 class of the TORC series sent us an update on last weeks races in Crandon, WI. The Big House Brawl was a terrific challenge for the teams and for the Atturo Trail Blade MT.

Gross - Earhart Race Team Sends Atturo Greetings From Baja 500

We received word recently on Instagram that the off road race team of Gross-Earhart (Co-drivers Cooper Gross and Jeff Earhart, and builder Mike McComas) just completed their first Baja 500 off road race in their Ford F-150 that Mike McComas originally built the truck as a Factory Ford Race Truck in 1996.

The New Mitsubishi NZ Triton Huntaway Sports Atturo Trail Blade MT Tyres!

Mitsubishi NZ just unveiled their new TRITON HUNTAWAY "ute" (utility vehicle) for the New Zealand market.

Best Wishes from The Bantam Heritage Jeep Festival

Atturo had a fantastic weekend in Butler, PA sponsoring activities at the Bantam Heritage Jeep Festival. Definitely the place to be in Butler, PA as attendees, exhibitors and drivers gathered together to discuss and do all things Jeep.

Atturo This Weekend!

Nathan and Kevin will be attending the TORC races for Rounds 3 & 4 in Elk River, MN (ERX Motorsports). The race is Saturday and Sunday, and we will have drivers: Andrew Carlson #151 in the Pro-Light racing on the Trail Blade M/T 265/7516; In the Pro-2 will be #31 Scott Mueller.