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Atturo news

The Atturo X/T Hammers at the Competition!

The Atturo X/T is our latest tire with rugged performance and amazing style in a new kind of all-terrain tire for owners of lifted vehicles and modified SUVs. Atturo now offers the aggressive sidewall style of our popular Trail Blade M/T combined with a tread designed for performance on the trail as well as on the road.

Chinese Tire Tariffs – This Time Could Be Different

It appears that another round of increased tariffs on Chinese made tires is upon us. While this does not directly effect Atturo, since our tires are not made in China, it will have consequences to the overall tire market. The primary impact will of course be on the price levels of various tires. This may hit consumers especially hard. It doesn’t have to be that way!

The Atturo XT - Arriving at Your Dealer Now!

The center tread area is optimized for highway comfort and reduced road noise, but still deep enough for trail use.