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Atturo news

Debuting at SEMA 2017 - The Atturo AZ610 Touring Tire for SUVs and Crossovers

The Crossover and small SUV segment is the fastest growing area of the vehicle market. Replacement tire demand for these vehicles is set to explode over the coming few years. Atturo's AZ610 is ready to meet the need with a tread pattern that is capable of performance in all seasons.

Carlson Wins Back 2 Back in Pro2 and Pro Light

The day’s most thrilling race came down to some corner contact between Andrew Carlson and TORC PRO 2 series point leader Luke Johnson. Carlson got the better of the situation as Johnson spun and Carlson went on to take the win. This was Carlson’s second PRO 2 win of the three PRO 2 races he has run this season.

NEW 40,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty for AZ800!

The AZ800 is the original Atturo tire! This line began with 10 sizes and has now grown to over 30 sizes! Ranging from 15- to 24-inch, the AZ800 has offered consistent performance for sport trucks and SUVs.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Atturo Around the World

We'll be traveling around the globe, setting up our booth or showcasing the Atturo Suburban. Here's our schedule for the next two months right up toward SEMA 2017.